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Friday, October 11, 2013

Singam2 100 Days Completed: Massive Success

Surya’s Singam2 Completes Massive 100 days: Blockbuster of this Year
The movie “Singam2” starring Nadippin Nayagan Suriya, Anushka, Danny Sapany, Hansika, Santhanam, Rahman, Vivek and more has completed its successful massive 100 days victory today. The movie was early hit the screens like storm and continued its good run in every theatres. The film has released in record theaters worldwide and now its time for the 100th day.

The theater owners already stated that “Singam2 is the film which made us more profit than any other films released recently." It was clear the Singam2 gets the heart of audience and roared like a real lion.

It was not so easy to run successful 100 days in these days... With the films releasing frequently a simple film cannot do magic of 100 days. It was true that Singam2 is the one and only film which is a blockbuster of this year. No other films get to this unique point yet…

Congrats to the whole team of Singam2 for giving this massive success and hope the crew will join again to hit the screen with Singam3.

Note For Suriya fans: As celebration to Singam2’s 100thday. Surya fans are decided to trend in twitter on 11-10-2013 today. Interested fans can be join with us in Twitter. The Tag will be trending in twitter… Support us!

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HarishST - Author

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

What you like about Kamal and Rajni; Hardwork & Simplicity Says Surya: Exclusive interview with Surya by Lingusamy


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Our handsome hunk Surya attended the #Indian cinema @100 year’s function which was held on Chennai with many celebrities, politicians and lots others. The whole cinema world has attended the function including Indian cinema’s biggies Rajni Kanth, Kamal Haasan, Amitabh Bachan, Ajith, Vijay, Sarath Kumar, Karthi etc…

As a part of it, Surya was asked some questions by his upcoming director Lingusamy himself. The director Lingusamy went crazy about asking question for ActorSurya. He asked some questions.. Here are those interesting questions and the answers for it by our thalaivar Surya.

Friends, before this please support this blog with your precious comments and other activities like polling, contacting etc... We need you support for the good run of this blog. If you are with us, then we will be update each and every updates of Our Surya. So, please support us! If you have any doubts/problems/suggestion please feel free to contact us. Regards…  Now Let’s Start!

Question 1: You’re Mother’s child or Dad’s ?Answer: I am the first child in my home. So, I’m mother’s child.

Question 2: Say some words about Rajni and Kamal?Answer:Any actor may enter to cinema industry but, these two are the ‘benchmark’ in cinema industry. In cricket, Sachin Tendulkar brokes his own records, like that Rajni and Kamal will only broke their own records. Hard work and simplicity is the things we need to learn from those actors.

Question3: What will be your life if you didn’t meet Jyothika (Jo)?Answer: Life will never like this.

Question 4: Name the film in which MGR And Jayalalitha joined first together?Answer: Aayirathil Oruvan (Year : 1965)

Question 5: Your favourite10 films?Answer: Parasakthi, Aayirathil Oruvan, Mullumn Malarum, nayagan, Thanneer thanner, 16 vayasthinile, Basha, Marupakkam, Sethu, Paruthi Veeran.

Question 6: Any Critic, that you never forget still?Answer: When my first film “Nerukku Ner”, a youngster of 18 years old came and said “Supera sothapeendeenga sir”. I will never forget it and that makes me what I am today!

Now, you have read the interview at Indian cinema 100 which was asked by Surya’s upcoming director Lingusamy. Please feel free to make your comments and wish him for his nextupcoming projects. The above interview was translated by me. So, please excuse me, if you find any faults in it.

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HarishST - Author
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